Hiking in Deserts

Of the many people today that enjoy a good hiking trip with perhaps a couple of nights camping, there are not too many that like to hike in the desert for perhaps obvious reasons. Desert Hiking fun can only really be achieved if you are experienced at it or at least have someone experienced with you, as although it can be fun, it can also be a dangerous environment to be in if you lack experience of desert conditions which can be extremely hot during the day but extremely cold during the nights. In other environments though hiking and camping can be fun and only the basics have to be known to start enjoying it. Probably one of the main basics that you will have to know is how to build a fire. A campfire, for those that are camping, provides the ability to cook, keep warm and can also act as a deterrent for any wildlife that may be in the area.

It provides the centre for enjoyment as the campers sit around it at night, under the stars and share stories of past adventures and experience. It is in fact the campfire that will often make camping fun and enjoyable so, without one, you are just living rough. It is therefore essential that before you set out on any sort of camping adventure, that you are aware of the best ways to build a campfire and have in your possession some matches to start that fire. When looking for a place to camp for the night, it is usually best if you can find an area which has been used by campers before you, as then the campfire area will have already been prepared, saving you from having to prepare it yourself.

Preparing a site for a campfire means ensuring that the fire cannot spread out of control, starting a dangerous bush fire which, apart from causing damage, could cost people their lives or at least their homes. This preparation is done by clearing an area 10 feet all around where the fire is to be built, ensuring that there is nothing that could catch fire within that area. Once you are happy that the site for the fire has been properly prepared, you can start to build your fire. First you will place small twigs and perhaps even leaves in a small pile. These twigs and leaves are known as the tinder and need to be dry so as to catch fire quickly when touched by a lighted match. Before you light the tinder you should have formed an A frame with kindling placed around the tinder. Kindling are slighter thicker branches but no thicker than the width of your wrist. As the tinder burns it should set fire to the A frame of kindling which in turn should allow the larger pieces of wood which you rest against the A frame, to start burning. It is these larger pieces of wood, perhaps logs, which will be the fuel for the fire and so you will need a good stockpile ready.