Traveling Alone

Traveling Solo is not a problem but a reminder that personal safety will always be your number one priority may it be a reason for business or pleasure. Let’s face the fact that there are often real dangers to women who travels alone than men. I want to share with you some safety tips when traveling. You always have to stay connected with your families that is why before leaving your home make sure to check if the mobile phone you are using has roaming capabilities at your destination. If not, once you arrive at your destination try to rent a phone or better yet buy a sim card if you have an unlocked mobile phone. Give your itinerary to some friends or to a family member of yours who is not traveling with you so as to have a general idea where you will go and in case they have to get in touch with you especially if it is important.Keep your money with you, some on your bag and leave your other money back at the hotel much better inside the safe box. Try to get dressed like a local to prevent you from getting unwanted attentions from other people and if you don’t look like a tourist you won’t be the first target of pickpocket gangs, swindler or whatever they call it. If you get lost do not ever look your phone while walking in the middle of the street just go inside a restaurant or coffee shop. Lastly, look before leaving a coffee shop, restaurant, shop or a mall make sure not to leave anything behind important stuffs. Personally, I did not yet experience this kind of scenario since I am really scared traveling alone and the most valuable reason is I don’t want to leave my husband and kids at home. I’m housewife at the same time a stay-at-home mom with two children. My family is the greatest blessing I have ever received in my entire life. I always feel extremely blessed, loved, proud and happy because staying at home with my husband and kids is what matters. As a stay-at-home mom, I hired two nannies in helping me do some errands like washing the bottles, make meals for my kids, bathing the kids and go down the slide hundreds of times or even stairs. All of us need an extra helping hand or assistance in order for us to be a happier individual. It is advisable to parents that maintaining an adult identity will always help you to become a better mother and a good wife physically, emotionally and mentally stable. I found keeping up on housework a quality time with my family since it is still more proficient in my part to do a little bit of cleaning everyday because I cannot just leave all the mess behind and try to clean it up the next day. I believe that picking up toys or other mess inside the room before bedtime will make all of us feels better so the next day we can start something new without a leftover mess from the day before.